Legalities surrounding Cannabidiol (CBD) in and out of Hong Kong


While there have been numerous claims about the health and medicinal effects of cannabidiol (CBD),there remains arguments regarding whether it is safe. Moreover,its legality has also been subject to debate especially because the compound is extracted from the cannabis plant,which is also known as the marijuana plant.

Countries have different policies so if you are using CBD or just planning to use it for health,wellness,or medical purposes,it is important to learn about the laws concerning it. CBD brand Felix & Company suggests this is especially necessary if you frequently travel to different countries.

CBD in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong,it is legal to use CBD because it is not considered by the government as a hazardous drug or product. People are allowed to manufacture,sell,and use CBD products given that these products do not use tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC) as a component. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient found in the same cannabis plant. This particular compound,along with its derivatives,is prohibited in Hong Kong.

This is the reason registered manufacturers and sellers of CBD products partner with third-party laboratory services to make sure their products are free from THC.

CBD oil,also known as hemp oil,is categorized as a food-based product. As a result,the government does not have any particular restriction when it comes to processing and consumption of these products.

CBD outside Hong Kong

It is important for consumers to know that CBD is illegal in some countries. For this reason,Hong Kong citizens who use CBD and plan to travel abroad should know about the rules and regulations of their country of destination.

Experts also recommend extra caution when buying CBD products abroad. In the United States,CBD goods are permitted to have not more than 0.3% of THC. This means one has to check the label and make sure it has no THC in it before buying a product abroad and bringing it back to Hong Kong.

While the use of CBD products is generally safe,it is of vital importance to learn about the legalities surrounding them to avoid committing any crime or offense.

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